What is By the Lake?

By the Lake is a little festival that’s happening for the third time in 2017. In 2017 it is for one day, with four bands playing at Strandbad Weißensee, Berlin. 2015 and 2016 was different. 2018 might be, too.

Who is By the Lake?

The festival is organised by a registered association with the same name. The founding members are: Birgit Voigt, Tobias von zur Gathen, Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer, Rasmus Stolberg, Jan Stricker and Kasper Vang. Contact details can be found in the imprint.


The By the Lake e.V. was founded to organise various cultural projects in and around of Berlin-Weißensee with various partners. The festival is just one of these projects.

Where does it happen?

The festival takes place at Strandbad Weißensee (www.binbaden.com/).

How do I get there?

Strandbad Weißensee Address: Berliner Allee 155, 13088 Berlin. We recommend not to take the car, there are basically no parking spaces. But there are a lot of BVG stations, it takes around 25 minutes from Rosenthaler Platz, for example. Here’s a list of all stations and lines here:

Tram: Berliner Allee/Indira-Gandhi-Str.: 12, M13, M4 Falkenberger Strasse/Berliner Allee: 12, 27 Buschallee: 27, M4

Bus: Berliner Allee/Indira-Gandhi-Str.: 255, 259, N50 Falkenberger Strasse/Berliner Allee: 156

When is it?

It’s on Sunday, August 13th, 2017. Doors open at 14:30 and first band starts at 16:00. We’re done by 22:00.

Where do I get tickets and how much are they?

Tickets can be bought at our online ticket shop. The ticket is 35 € plus fees. The early bird tickets were 25 €, but are sold out now.

Additionally you can get our beautiful hard tickets with slightly higher fees at KOKA36, at The Visit or directly at Strandbad Weißensee. Just go for a swim the next sunny day and buy a ticket there.

But the online shop doesn’t work! Or: I don’t want to use the ticket shop! Or, or, or…

Please write us a mail to info@bythelake.co and we will find a solution.

Will there be tickets at the box office?

As long as we don’t announce being sold out: Yes. As usual, they will be more expensive than the pre-sale.

Am I allowed to bring my children?

Yes, the entry is free for children under the age of 12. Please bring noise protection for them!

What about my wheelchair?

The access to Strandbad is barrier-free, but moving around is a bit hard because of the sandy beach. The accompanying person has also free entry here.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?


Are there any additional rules?

Yes, please read our general terms and conditions.

Is there going to be something to eat and drink?

Yes, we will provide cold drinks, hot dishes and everything in between. It will be very nice.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks?

No. The security will check your bags at the entrance. But since we’re sure it’s going to be hot: We’ll allow a 0,5l PET bottle of water.

Am I allowed to bring drugs?

No. Our security will check this at the entrance, too, and will also keep their eyes open at the venues. Please leave everything illegal at home. Thanks.

Am I allowed to bring my camera?

Mobile phones, small cameras, etc. are allowed, professional equipment isn’t. The definition of “professional equipment” is made by our security staff. An important message: Please don’t shoot hundreds of shaky and distorted videos with your phone. Nobody is going to watch it anyway.

Should I bring my bathing suit?

We highly recommend you to swim at Strandbad! So bring your swimming suit and towel. Swimming is at your own risk, of course.

Am I allowed to camp at the lake?

No. No. And: no.

Will you sell merchandise?

Yes, but the items will be a surprise.

What about the boats at Weißer See?

On sunday we’ve reserved all rental boats at the lake for our guests – you can just go over to the pier, show your wristband and enjoy yourself. The boat ride is for free.

By the way: who is responsible for your great, great design?

Asger Behncke Jacobsen. We gladly provide their contacts.

But I still have unanswered questions!

Then… please write us at info@bythelake.co