Live radio by The Lake

Additional to the existing billed performances, the Danish online radio The Lake will present a live radio program with very special guests. Kenichi, Anne Müller, Islaja and Stella Chiweshe, all from Berlin, will preview unreleased material and discuss their work process.

  • Kenichi

    Under the alias MISS KENICHI, Katrin Hahner, who is also working as visual artist, released three critically acclaimed and generally admired records, the most recent one being the dark glowing “The Trail”. At the moment she is working on her fourth record, which she will present in parts at By the Lake Festival.

  • Anne Müller

    So far Berlin cello player Anne Müller has mostly been part of exciting music collaborations, but you can also see her on big stages, together the Danish songwriter Agnes Obel. She also shared a studio with neo-classic composer Nils Frahm, with whom she recorded the fascinating record “7fingers”. At the festival she will show her own pieces and will reveal some secrets about the future.

  • Islaja

    Islaja is one of the most unbending and interesting characters in the DIY music scene; a thrilling performance artist, who re-invented herself with S U U in a fulminant way. As if Björk listened to too much DAF, cold wave and electro pop meet with analogue synthesizers and drum machines to accompany Islaja’s exalted vocal performance. We are looking forward to find out what she will offer at our day at the beach.

  • Stella Chiweshe

    When Stella Chiweshe, originally from Zimbabwe, plays her Mbira, an instrument formerly banned by colonial rulers, everything becomes one. Her powerful voice breaks the silence that the instrumental performance creates. With this combination she tells stories of near and far that go beyond time and space.